【AF】Hello, Lansy


This mod add:

-for game

-1 Storyteller
-5 Tech
-3 DLC-Tech
-8 Special events (Incidents)
-6 Special buildings (Natural Architecture)
-8 Buildings (You can build~UwU)
-2 New Resource
-3 New letter kinds

-for player

-12 Sounds / Music
-27 Special effects


【Storyteller】 -【Lansy】

A cute fluffy ferian !
Lanxi doesn’t like to torture others, more do not want to hurt his friends.
He loved to explore, and enjoy the primitive life full of unknown adventures.
But if he has to, he will show his scary side.


More Visitors.
More Tasks.
More Easy time to enjoy the rural life.
Fewer emergencies and attacks.



Incidents Expanded,Weapons Expanded, Fox,Furry , Alien-Race Storyteller , Security-IED ,
SunLamp , Mortar Shells Expanded ,Tech
Chinese Text,English Text


-Please point out any problem you find !

Artwork by this mod –

Child Mod-【https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2156511482】
Sydaily Aeroponics——Add new [Hydroponics Basin] and [Tech]

Credits : AmliFurx

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