Exotic Arsenal


(21/07/2020):Added four new weapons. fixed weapon holding and few other minor issues.

(19/07/2020): Tyrant and WorkToMake Fix, should be available like other weapons now. Fixed an error caused by a missing WorkGiver

Exotic Arsenal is a simple weapons mod, aiming to add some end-game, ultra-tech weapons to the game.
All of those can be obtained from quests, found on enemies and crafted with a new material called Exotic Engram bought from exotic goods traders.

Currently the mod adds seven new weapons:

An Ultra-tech Fusion rifle, can inflict massive damage to single targets. Possesses a rather short-range, but comes with double energy conservation cores which allow this weapon to switch freely between a Plasma and Stasis energy projectile

A compact ultra-tech handgun, precise in short-range and with built-in quickdraw mechanics allowing for quick response to any hostilites due to it very low aiming time. Comes with a blade attachment, and two variants; one that charge the blade with plasma and second with stasis.

An ultra-tech cyro-laser assault rifle. Utilizes mechanics of cyro-negative energy conservation to generate and fire freezing laser beams. The Cyro energy conservation is a rather controversial topic among many modern scientists, mostly due to a fact that coldness doesn’t quite work that way as it is not energy, but rather the lack of it. However, it works… somehow, so maybe it is better to not question this more than necessary.

“Equilibrium” is a short-range ultra-tech energy weapon. Has rather long recharge time due to possible overheating, but possesses a great firepower. A truly fearsome close quarter combat weapon, in the hands of a skilled shooter.

Pseudo-Scout Rifle, “Aesa P40” is a compact highly focused microwave emiter. though not very efficient in short or medium-range, it can be absolutely devastating when used in long-range. Illegal and no longer officially produced, due to a “Treaty of Ashes” signed in 5456.

An ultra-tech light machine gun. Utilize monosteel sharpened bullets to shred apart any and all targets. Somehow inaccurate. However it great firepower make it more than effective, especially against heavy armored targets. Considered as one of the most lethal and painful weapons by many Glitterworld societies.

Q: Is it Combat Extended compatible?
A: No, and we don’t plan to add Combat Extended compatibility at this time, but anyone is allowed to make a patch.

Q: Are those balanced at all?
A: We hope so, by design all guns from this mod are mean to be a little bit above most of other vanillia weapons, but without overkill. We are open to any and all balancing feedback.


– Xedos, he is an amazing artist. Without him, this mod wouldn’t be possible.
– Genome-X for the outstanding projectile art.
– Chefboyjc for the amazing coding and debugging he has done for the mod!
– Ogliss for helping with the C# stuff.
– OttersHoldHands, he helped with organizing and debugging of the guns’ building.
– Xasz for the C# coding for some of the unreleased guns.
– Gouda Quiche for inspiring me to do modding in the first place.

Credits : Chefboyjcroypowell23nyX

Exotic Arsenal Download

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