Hive Humans


Adds Hive Humans, a short lived, rapidly reproducing race that lives under a central Queen. A different spin on Rimworld.

These Hive Humans will live for 1 quadram (15 days), and will instantly die once their time is up. the colony is kept alive by the Hive Queen, who will lay eggs which hatch into new hive humans, allowing for the colony to be constantly changing, and adding a new layer of difficulty to the game. If the Queen dies, the colony dies.

Requires Humanoid Alien Races

Should be compatible with most other mods, but if there are any errors, let me know.

This mod is VERY difficult, as you will never have enough skilled workers and your food will be scarce. be prepared

Known Bugs:

Sometimes the queen won’t spawn, fix this either by generating a new world or spawning it in using the console

The Queen will not lay Queen eggs, even when they are 100% done. (Currently Disabled)

Not compatible with Children and Learning

Some race mods like Android Tiers break the body generation for some reason, giving the pawns a missing texture


Q: Why are my newly hatched colonists so slow?
A: They start out smaller and weaker, but after a few days they will become the same as regular humans

Q: Do these spawn naturally, and are they a non player faction?
A: No, they do not spawn naturally and there is no faction, however Queens can occasionally be found through trading, at a high price

Q: What does the (solo) mean after the egg name?
A: It just means that it was laid by one queen who hasn’t mated. If she has mated, it will say (mated)

Q: If all my colonists are getting constantly replaced, how am I supposed to get skilled ones?
A: Each new colonists spawns with a +5 in a random skill

EDIT: Added tribal scenario
EDIT2: Queens now spawn 1 queen egg per year, allowing for colony growth
EDIT3: Fixed some of my janky coding, tribal colonies should work properly now

Credits : Robfal2

Hive Humans Download

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