Hotseat – Dynamic Storyteller Switcher


A mod which dynamically changes your storyteller from time to time. Just to keep things interesting.
Supports all storytellers.Features

Adds a mechanism which occasionally changes your current storyteller.
Customizable percentage chance of switch happening when:

  • An event happens
  • A quadrum passes
  • A year passes

Ability to turn off storytellers you do not wish to have control.

If you have any recommendations or ideas for the mod, let me know!Compatibility

– Works with all storytellers.FAQ

Q: Does this work with modded storytellers?
A: Yes! I made this mod specifically because I wanted to play with all of them!

Q: Can I add/remove this mod midsave?
A: Yes.

Q: I found a bug! Where do I post?
A: Post in the comments or as an issue on my github (link below).

Q: Who is your favorite storyteller(s)?
A: Rainbeau Flambe is my favorite. I like the polarisbloc ones too.Links & Misc

Github link[]
Licensed under MIT License[]

Credits : Arquebus

Hotseat – Dynamic Storyteller Switcher

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