MorrowRim – Dunmer Race


Dunmer Race.

This mod adds in a playable Dunmer race using Humanoid Alien Race Framework. The Dunmer are more resistant to heat and fire than humans, as well as resistant to ash buildup from ash storms. They are also slightly more sensitive to psychic effects. Dunmer consider the dead to be sacred, and therefore gain greater mood penalties revolving around the usage of dead colonists. They don’t gain a mood penalty for eating insect meat, though they still gain the raw food penalty if eaten raw.

For non-player Dunmer factions also use this modStarting Scenarios.

Two starting scenarios are included: crashlanded and tribal.Backstories and Traits.

Several Dunmer exclusive backstories are included, more may be added over time. Dunmer are highly prone to xenophobia, and have an increased chance of several other traits. Some new traits are also included.Additional content.

New buildings are also included in the mod. Ash burial pits are an styled alternative to sarcophagi. Two types of Dunmeri styled lamps and a Telvanni styled sunlamp are included. The lamps both have fuelled and powered versions, as well as powered coloured versions. There are several new sculptures that can be created at a sculpting table.Contains patches for:

– MorrowRim. Adds additional functionality to traits and backstories from this mod. Also makes the Dunmer immune to ash buildup.Requirements:

– Humanoid Alien Race FrameworkCompatibility:

Alien Race Framework seems to cause some issues with Prepare Carefully. If using both traits may not be assigned properly based on backstories. However this seems to happen with certain traits anyway.Other Issues:

Some hairs seem to make Dunmer heads slightly transparent. This appears to be a problem with Alien Race Framework.
Dunmer may spawn with a rather high number of traits. This seems to be a byproduct of forcing traits through both backstories and the Dunmer race.Credits:

– Moon and star logo from:
– Based on the game by Bethesda Game Studios: ‘The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind’

Credits : SirMashedPotato

MorrowRim – Dunmer Race Download

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