MorrowRim – The Sixth House


New faction:

The cultists of the Sixth House, followers of Dagoth Ur, have established several outposts on the rimworld. They will remain permanently hostile to you, sending brainwashed slaves and disfigured cultists to raid you. Occasionally their outposts will contain a number of corprus infected.

The elite members of the Sixth House may be empowered with a divine gift, from Dagoth Ur himself. These can grant enhanced strength, movement, sight or resistance to pain. Ash vampires will always be empowered with a divine gift.Artifact weapons:

The Sixth House utilises artifact weapons, ancient relics capable of creating clouds ash and gas, or blasts of energy. The lowly servants of the Sixth House will only come equipped with artifacts of the single use variety, whilst the more elite members will wiled more powerful, multi use, versions.

These artifact weapons may also be acquired from quests and ancient dangers.New diseases:

Corprus is a highly painful skin blight that slowly warps the body and mind. If left untreated it can turn infected into mindless beasts. This specific strain of corprus appears is more difficult to treat, possibly relating to the return of the Sixth House. Corprus infection is primarily the result of an encounter with the Sixth House. Ash ghouls and corprus beasts have attacks that will inflict corprus, and an artifact weapon exists that creates clouds of corprus tainted ash. Corprus can lead to the growth of corprus pustules, painful and dangerous if left untreated. If one manages to survive corprus they will gain permanent immunity to the disease.

Your poor colonists and pets can also become infected with one of the four rare ash blight diseases, draining their skills until treated successfully. These can be ‘acquired’ from certain servants of the Sixth House.New drug:

Once researched, Divayth’s delight can be produced at a drug lab, requiring five ash salts. Ash salts are received from butchering servants of Dagoth Ur. Divayth’s delight protects pawns from becoming infected with the four ash blight diseases, and greatly slows corprus infection. Sadly the drug interferes with the bodies natural immunity system, preventing permanent immunity to corprus while it is active in the system. it also aggravates the digestive system, causing infrequent vomiting.Dagoth Ur:

Dagoth Ur, lord of the Sixth House, as a new storyteller. With Dagoth Ur, sometimes the greatest threats come from within the colony. He will constantly test the loyalty and mental stability of your colonists. While they are preoccupied squabbling amongst themselves, he will spread his influence, taking control of settlements and spreading his blight.

Dagoth Ur allows for a higher population limit than the vanilla storytellers. After all, a higher population means more colonists to turn against you.New Events:

All of the events added in this mod are locked behind a new storyteller. They come in two forms: Dreams and Blights. Dreams occur when your colonists are at their most vulnerable, and will slowly drive your colonists to their breaking point, eventually resulting in death, betrayal or conversion. Blights are a result of his spreading influence. They can range from simply driving an animal mad, to claiming settlements from other factions, or spreading blight diseases.

These events will cease to occur once The Sixth House has no settlements under their control. If the Sixth House has not been defeated within 60 days then dream events will occur at twice the rate.New trait:

A new trait is added in this mod, ‘touched by Dagoth Ur’. A limited from was previously included in MorrowRim – Dunmer race, now it is back in its full glory. Dream events may cause your colonists to gain this trait, strengthening their connection with Dagoth Ur. Colonists with this trait are capable of being targeted by different dream events, that may cause them to turn on the colony.Contains patches for:

– Communicable Diseases
– Genetic Rim
– MorrowRim
– MorrowRim – Dunmer Race and FactionsRequirements:

– Harmony
– Orions Faction Discovery (Only required if you add this mod to an existing save)Compatibility:

Corprus from this mod should be completely compatible with the corprus from MorrowRim. Just make sure to load The Sixth House after, as it needs to overwrite some things.
The same goes for the new trait and MorrowRim – Dunmer.
Combat Extended: no.Other notes:

Dagoth Ur will only convert humanlike settlements, and will not convert Empire settlements from Royalty. The settlement icon colour will remain the same until the save is reloaded.
Gas clouds will occasionally cause an error message when they dissipate, this should be safe to ignore.

This mod is technically compatible with existing saves if you have Faction Discovery enabled. However, the Dagoth Ur storyteller will likely not function as intended, as there will be no Sixth House settlements. One workaround is enabling devmode, opening the world map, open debug actions menu (fourth icon from the left at the top of the screen), and then triggering the world incident ‘Dagoth_BlightSettlementClaimed’. Doing this will allow the special Sixth House incidents to trigger again.Credits:

– Moon and star logo from:
– Based on the game by Bethesda Game Studios: ‘The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind’

Credits : SirMashedPotato

MorrowRim – The Sixth House

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