New biomes.

Ashlands is based on a combination of regions from Morrowind. It contains highly fertile soil that supports a thriving ecosystem. Frequent ash storms make settling here somewhat challenging.

Blighted ashlands is based on a combination of the ashlands and red mountain regions from Morrowind. The soil here is of low fertility, with large areas effectively unfarmable. There is little plant variety, with none of it being edible. Animals are less common and frequently driven mad by blight storms, which also cause crop blights. Corprus stalkers can sometimes be found wandering aimlessly.New weather.

Ash storms are the most frequent of the new weather types. They reduce sunlight, movement speed and ranged weapon accuracy. They will also damage vanilla wind turbines and plants that are not adapted to the area or sturdy enough. Pawns that are not adapted to breathing in ash storms will suffer buildup whilst outside. This can result in permanent lung damage, and eventually death. This can be avoided by remaining inside, wearing clothing that completely covers the face, or installing a bionic filter. All pawns, regardless of resistance, may become temporarily blinded by ash.

Blighted rain and blight storms are less common, with greatly increased commonality in blighted ashlands. These can drive wild animals mad and inflict crop blights.Kwama nests.

Inaccessible kwama eggmines will generate on the world map. Settling near an eggmine on tiles with caves will have a random chance to generate kwama nests instead of insectoid hives, based on distance from the eggmine. The kwama will remain peaceful, unless threatened. If they are threatened they will aggressively defend their nest, returning to a peaceful state after a period of time. The nest entrances will periodically spawn kwama egg sacs, that can be deconstructed for kwama eggs.New events.

– Albino guar passing
– Silt strider passing
– Cliff racer swarm arriving
– Manhunter cliff racer swarm arriving
– Corprus disease infection
– Kwama nest expands
– Trojan infestationNew disease.

Corprus is a highly painful skin blight that slowly warps the body and mind. If left untreated it can turn infected into mindless beasts. Corprus infection can begin two ways. The first is through a disease event, like vanilla diseases. The second is by being attacked by a corprus beast. Corprus can lead to the growth of corprus pustules, painful and dangerous if left untreated.New animals.

– Alit
– Ash hopper
– Ash panther
– Clannfear
– Cliff racer
– Daedroth
– Durzog
– Guar and albino guar
– Kwama forager
– Kwama scrib
– Kagouti
– Netch and retching netch
– Nix hound
– Nix ox
– Ogrim
– Scamp
– Shalk
– Silt striderNew plants.

– Ash yam
– Corkbulb
– Emporer parasol
– Funnel cap
– Hackle-lo
– Kreshweed
– Luminous russula
– Marshmerrow
– Muck sponge
– Scathecraw
– Trama shrub
– Violet coprinusContains patches for:

– [O21] Elves – Faction Addon
– [O21] Goblins – Faction Addon
– A Dog Said… Animal Prosthetics
– Alien Vs Predator
– Alpha Animals
– Androids
– Antinium
– Borderlands: Creatures & Borderlands: The Rim
– Camouflage and Stealth
– Call of Cthulhu Cosmic Horrors
– Communicable Diseases
– Fantasy Goblins Updated
– FishIndustry
– Genetic Rim
– Giddy-up! Battle Mounts
– HousekeeperAssistanceCat
– Magical Menagerie
– Megafauna
– Nocturnal Animals
– Poleepkwa
– RimCuisine 2 Core*
– RimBees
– Rim of Madness – Bones
– VGP Vegetable Garden & Tools
– Witcher Monster HuntContains patches for Vanilla Expanded mods:

– Vanilla Animals Expanded — Desert
– Vanilla Animals Expanded — Extreme Desert
– Vanilla Cooking Expanded
– Vanilla Factions Expanded – Medieval
– Vanilla Factions Expanded – Settlers
– Vanilla Fishing Expanded
– Vanilla Plants ExpandedSeparate patches:

– Biomes patch
– Sound patch
– SeedsPlease patch

These patches may add animals or plants to the ashlands spawn list, give animals or races ash resistance, add MorrowRim content to other mods or add general support.Requirements:

– Harmony
– Orions Faction Discovery (Only required if you add this mod to an existing save)Additional mods in the series:

– Glass and Ebony
– Moon Sugar and Skooma
– Dunmer race and Dunmer factions
– Altmer race and Altmer factions
– Bosmer race and Bosmer factions
– Colovian fur helm
– Alcohol
– Just the Animals
– Bloatspore
– The Sixth House
– Alcohol RemadeCompatibility:

Any mod that modifies or adds to worldgen may cause issues such as specific biomes becoming less common / not appearing. Probably incompatible with Combat Extended.

Better Infestations will prevent kwama nests from spawning during map gen, and instead spawn insectoid hives. Kwama nests will still be able to spawn through events.

*Rimcuisine 2 appears to break Royalty monument quests in ashland maps.Potential future content:

– Extending genetic rim compatibility
– Bloodmoon, including creatures and a bloodmoon event. And the ~3 unique creatures from Skyrim
– Falmer race and faction
– Dwemer race and faction, dwemer metal alloy
– Dunmer and Dwemer armoury
– GhostfenceCredits:

– Moon and star logo from:
– Based on the game by Bethesda Game Studios: ‘The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind’

Credits : SirMashedPotato

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