Space Springhares


Space Springhares, also known by their scientific name Pedetes Inanis, are a herbivorous species of hopping rodent evolved to live between the stars. The species does not survive well on planets long-term, though some groups still try to (or are forced to) settle on them for various personal reasons.



-Springhares are smaller, lighter and slightly faster creatures that are rather good with accuracy based weapons and hit-and-run tactics, though fare poorly in close combat due to their small frail nature. Be careful if they get in social fights with larger species, they are somewhat fragile!

-Three Scenarios for the hoppers currently exist. A standard start dropping from space, a start playing as a group of planet-naturalised Springhares, and an oddball adventure with a large group of rather helpless rodents crashing to the surface! Springhares can also appear in standard Scenarios, but are far less common then normal humans.

-A storyteller to guide you along your path. Camomile is rather relaxed and civil in her playstyle, though if she feels feisty you better beware her Spring-Kick!

-Two factions representing two different faces of this species. You have the standard Springhares that are just happy to live and let trade… and former Springhare Stalkers that have abandoned any of their former ethics and are desperate to use all their skills and abilities to get back into space, even if it means going through resource-competition like you. Especially if it means going through resource-competition like you..

-Some Springhares have developed the start of a physical condition called Diabisi Inanis that makes them more sociable and friendly to creatures and people that they should be cautious of, and a little too friendly and trusting of other people such as traders looking for an easy sale. It also makes them have a hard time focusing on learning. Myths speak of worlds where the final end stage is a helpless and trusting feral Springhare, though that has yet to happen on this RimWorld. Currently this is reflected as a trait, though will be expanded later. If used correctly, this can in theory even be a boon to the colony!


03/07/2020 Updates:

-Various structural changes to the species. Changes should be compatible with saved games, please report instances when this is not the case.

-Springhare meat is no longer tied with the animal Hare Meat. After all, Hares do not have the required Spring.

-Rebuilt and fixed the naming PawnNames rulepacks, including separate female/male name lists and ‘title’ lists for future better Lore-friendly naming conventions.

-Tail system reworked, including adding options for a Cloth tail and Bionic tail. In theory this should work, feedback appreciated.

-Added the ability for Springhares to spawn in default Scenarios. They will be rare, but like all things in life can be cheesed by hitting random enough times.


Built upon the Humanoid Alien Races 2.0 mod. Put this mod below it in the mod order list (Should auto-sort).

All Space Springhare artwork and graphics were made by either Timor or Tea Spot.

If you like this mod, and/or would like to help me make more mods like this, please consider dropping a donation at the Pedetes Productions Ko-Fi! It all goes towards commissioning more art/graphics from Timor, as well as getting me more cups of spiffy tea~!

Credits : Tea Spot

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