Vanilla Factions Expanded – Core – Now with Faction Discovery!


1.1.1 (29/07/2020): Removed HarmonyLog, added code for the future additions.
1.1.0 (22/07/2020): Introducing Orion’s Faction Discovery revamped – and fully compatible with Faction Control. When adding a new faction to an existing playthrough, you now have an option to spawn it, or not, and decide how many settlements it should have. We have also fixed the right click bug that showed up in the latest unstable build.
1.0.0 (15/03/2020): Release

Vanilla Factions Expanded – Core incorporates several key functionalities that may be shared across all Vanilla Factions Expanded modules. Examples of shared functionality include custom base generation, customisable sieges, faction-based pack animal textures, scenario-dependent faction relations, and shields.

Orion’s Faction Discovery?

Yes! We have negotiated a deal with Orion and included his Faction Discovery mod within Vanilla Factions Expanded – Core. Now, if you decide to add a faction to an existing playthrough, upon loading up the save you will have an option to spawn it’s settlements and define how many of them you would like to spawn, as well as how far away from the player.

Q: Is this mod necessary to run other Vanilla Faction Expanded modules?
A: Yes. This mod contains all the code used with the other Faction modules, therefore is required for these mods to run.

Q: Which position in the mod loader should this mod take?
A: This mod should be loaded BEFORE other faction mods, preferably high in the load order, possibly right after the “Core” game file.

Q: Is this mod compatible with More Faction Interation or Go Explore?
A: Yes, they change completely different things. There’s no reason why this mod and MFI or Go Explore should conflict.

Q: Can this mod’s functionality be used in other mods?
A: Yes, though there is currently no documentation.

Q: Is this mod compatible with Faction Control?
A: We made sure it is!

We are currently not tracking any issues. If any errors occur, please post them in the comment section, preferably with a hugslib github link.

The way to do it requires you to have Hugslib mod downloaded. Press the green “Share Logs” button in the debug menu and send us the link.

This mod was created by XeoNovaDan as part of Vanilla Expanded mod team.

Oskar Potocki provided this mod’s thumbnail.

Brrainz created the Harmony Patch Library which has made this series of mods possible.

NotFood has kindly provided the community with PatchOperationLoadDefsOnDemand.

RimWorld is owned by Ludeon Studios.

(CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)[]

Credits : Oskar PotockiXeoNovaDanOrion

Vanilla Factions Expanded – Core – Now with Faction Discovery!

If you are an author of the mod and you think that your works should not be here, just inform
us [email protected] and we’ll delete them as soon as possible.

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