Vulpes – Adorable Foxes! [1.1]


Mod version: Beta 1.06
All what is left is to add more backstories, If you faced any bugs, write about it in discussions!

Will upload final major update for this mod once rimworld 1.2 hits.

Rimworld is a cruel and tough place that constantly laughs at you. Isn’t there are any place for cuteness and beauty? There are! Altough this cuteness and beauty is mixed with blood and gore *COUGH COUGH*.

I represent to you a new alien race – Vulpes.

-This mod includes ONLY race and everything necessary for it.

-Custom names and backstories

-Range of fur and eye colors

-Modular body part system – destruction of tail, ears, eyes, nose, will be visible.

-Vulpes are very weak and fragile creatures. Although, they can run incredibly fast. Distance is your friend. Use ranged weapons and try to run away if you’re in a big trouble.

-Building mountain bases is not a very good idea. Vulpians mine stone with 50% efficiency of human pawn. Combined with their weakness in melee combat your life will be pretty tough. Be aware of bugs 🙂

-Watch closely for a temperature outside. Minimal comfortable temperature for vulpes without any clothing is 25C. It’s time to think about brand new thrumbo parka.

-If you use EDB, choose “vulpian ancient soldier” to add one vulpian in your pull of colonists.

Archotech expanded

Mechalit Core

-RJW ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

-Combat extended (In development)Subscribe to be notified when faction addon will come out!

ShauaPuta – General advice
arachbob – General advice, compatibility patches
gouda quiche – Help with C# stuff
ED monk – Thanks for fixing my engRish

You can visit my discord 🙂[]

Credits : Yanzihko

Vulpes – Adorable Foxes! [1.1] Download

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