Yayo’s EndGame


* Add a new ending* About

I was always dissatisfied with experiencing only one biome at Rimworld.
But it wasn’t fun to travel the biomes for no reason.
This mod gives you a reason to travel to many biomes.

This story is a long epic.
We will settle for several years in each of the 3 biomes in rimworld, extract biome energy,
and leave for a planet called by the unknown who created this teleporter.

1. Extract 100 biome energy shards from each of 3 biomes.

– Extracts energy shards from the biome.
Depending on the working biome, the types of biome energy shards generated differ.
– So you have to travel through 3 biomes. (number can be modified in options.)

2. Make a planet energy core.

– A key material for building planet energy teleporters. To make this, you need biome energy shard.
– 3 types of biome shard required is randomly determined.

3. Build a planet energy teleporter.

– Lights from planetary energy shard explain this device.
We figured out how to make this device and that it is a device for moving to another planet,
but we haven’t figured out where this is pointing us.
Those who made this seem to want us to come to them.

4. 15-day raid defense.5. Escape.

– There is a new ending text.* Compatibility

– Compatible with biome add-on mods.
– Saved game compatible* Creadit

– Latki (Art)
– Yayo (Dev)

Authors : YAYOLatki

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