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Adds the zoltan race from Faster Than Light.An electrical race : Living powerplants, diplomats, ingenious experts of technology.


With the majority of their bodies composed of pure, harnessable energy, the Zoltan are ambivalent towards the Galactic Federation. Whilst a deeply officious and obtuse people, they generally favour diplomacy over acts of aggression and are known for being fair and just in their dealings with others. Due to their alliance with the Engi, Zoltans often appear in Engi Homeworlds or the various Engi-Controlled Sectors of space, although they inhabit their own home systems as well.

Being ingenious experts of technology, the Zoltan race pioneered a unique ship-based shielding technology which can be found on nearly every Zoltan vessel. These shields are very difficult to breach, however they cannot regenerate during a battle – unless a Shield Overcharger drone is deployed. Therefore, once they are impacted by enemy fire enough to deactivate them, Zoltan vessels must rely on conventional shielding systems. They and the Engi control many sectors, but they themselves are rarely seen outside them.Characteristics

  • Supply power to batteries that are close enough
  • 115% Recruit prisoner chance
  • 105% Research
  • 85% Health
  • Explode upon death in a friend saving explosion

Unique abilitiesExparkle – Engulfs your enemies in an electric maelstrom.

  • Arc numbers:The older a Zoltan is, the more arcs they can trigger, to a maximum of five.
  • EMP effect: ne small EMP explosion is triggered around the caster, and a larger one around the target.
  • Water Synergy: If the targets are standing in water, arcs will jump around the surrounding pawns and stun them. Zoltans won’t trigger the chain reaction. Watch out for friendly fire.
  • Cost: each exparkle usage will consume a tenth of the caster’s hunger and relaxation.

Quantum leap – Teleports a short distance, defying space and wall boundaries.

  • Bad thoughts: The quantum leap rapture can trigger a bad mood on its caster. It’s less likely to happen if the caster has a bond with nature by having high skills in either animals or plants.
  • Autocast: You can activate it to speed hauling jobs and make daily work more efficient.

Vengevolt – Surround any pawn or electrical device with vengeful electricity.

  • Efficiency: Melee attacks have a chance to stun the attacker based on the caster’s melee skill. Ranged attacks will backfire to the attacker. The damage dealt is based on the caster’s shooting ability.
  • Number of layers: Based on the better of the caster’s crafting or construction. The target will be protected by at least two, and up to seven, layers of electricity.
  • Stacking: If an already vengevolted target is further reinforced, more layers can be added. The only limit will be the duration of ability.

Researchable buildings and apparel

  • Zoltan batteries : x1.5/x3/x5 capacity ; better beauty factor for a daily integration without hurting pawn feelings
  • Shield bench, allows to fill the shieldmet when operated
  • Shieldmet, a helmet that grants multiple rechargeable energetic shields

Butcher recipes

  • Low meat yeld
  • 1 plasteel

Race traits and their chances

  • Beautiful – 20%
  • Kind – 20%
  • Xenophile – 50%


  • Over 35


  • Start with 4 zoltans, 1 short bow, 1 jade spear, 1 jade knife, 1 jade club, 1 lamp, 1 battery, Electricity research
  • Zoltan A, the adjudicator


  • Humanoid Alien Races 2.0
  • JecsTools

Advised mod

Compatible with


  • Lighter than fast

Thanks to

  • Automatic, RimLaser creator
  • Erdelf, Human Aliens Races creator
  • GarbageDay, Race modder
  • Jecrell, JecsTools creator
  • Lilairen, Literary priestess
  • Mehni, Best duck (and living RimWorld wiki)
  • Nemonian, Race modder
  • Outroelison from Freesound for sharing his teleport sound
  • ShauaPuta, Race modder
  • Strix, for his FTL bug report
  • TorannD, for RimWorld of Magic and his unmatched JecsTools usage
  • Rimworld alien races discord

Discussion thread

More Faster Than Light in RimWorld

Credits : Gouda quiche

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